Listen to Your Customers!

Listen to Your Customer

Listening is like giving what others want. Humans, as social beings, sometimes find themselves in a position where they want to be understood. One way to understand what others are feeling is by listening. Besides gaining understanding, the people we listen to will feel happy and happier because they feel they have someone who understands and empathizes with their feelings.

Moreover, through listening, we can change someone's heart and mind for the better. Conversely, not wanting to listen can make someone's heart and mind worse. When we refuse to listen to others, we will be seen as apathetic, antisocial, and receive negative judgments. Thus, listening to others is actually a need for every human to be better accepted by other people.

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, the needs and demands of customers are paramount. One of the things customers need is good and genuine service. Many businesses have failed or incurred losses simply because they didn't provide good service to their customers. Some customers even choose to go elsewhere, even if it's slightly more expensive, because the service is better there.

Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to is listening to what others want or need. We listen attentively so they feel we are there and ready to help them. With better service and attention, customers will feel comfortable and less likely to turn away from us.

On the other hand, we must also pay closer attention to customers. In some situations, customers only want to be heard but do not want advice from us. This means customers only need someone to listen to their complaints, not to be given advice or lectured. So, listen to your customers!

Writer : Diksi
Job : Author in Penadiksi Media Group
Editor : Sibangbara