Name Is Character and Personality (Doing Business with Name)

Name Is Character and Personality (Doing Business with Name)

From ancient times until now, a person's name is not just a name. Name is an expression of one's personality and character. Thus, one would be overjoyed when one heard his name properly called.

In Roman times, a name was synonymous with "who that person is." Thus, when the name of a criminal is removed from the civil registry. Thus, all citizenship rights will be lost. In fact, related to the name, some tribes in Africa believe that the name is a power to determine abilities and decisions.

In the digital era, names have high commercial value. Call it the name of a famous artist in America who has thousands and even millions of followers on social media. The more followers an artist has, the more offers of cooperation and the higher the pay. This is inseparable from the artist's name, so it's no wonder that many people make certain nicknames so that they become a brand and are easily recognized by people.

In the business world, knowing other people's names alone can lead us to success. It means?

In the business world, there is something called branding, which is our introduction to others. And there is what is called "Relationship Building", namely our interactions with other people. When we know other people's names well, good interactions will also be created. When the interaction is healthy and full of intimacy, a loving relationship will be created. When this happens, whatever product you offer can be more easily accepted.

In addition, as we know that someone will be very happy if he hears his name being called correctly. One way to get closer to sellers and buyers is to start by saying their names politely. For example, when potential buyers come to our sales. Try to greet them in a friendly manner, if you don't know them then try to find out their name. After we know it, then occasionally greet them by calling their names politely. So rest assured, that person will be happy and remember us. Because the main result we get from remembering people's names is that they remember us.

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