The Importance of Knowing Yourself in the Era of Globalization

Knowing yourself
Some time ago I attended an online seminar regarding Soft skill development with two main topics, namely Who Am I? Explore Your Potential and Personality, as well as Tips & Tricks for Making CVs and interviews. This seminar was organized by the Bureau of Cooperation, Aomori and International Relations, Student and Alumni Development Center (SADC), Darussalam University, Gontor. The discussion of the main topics, namely potential and personality, was delivered directly by Safiruddin Al Baqi, M.A (SADC Counselor).

In this article, I want to share the knowledge that I gained from the speakers, in a language that I personally pack. According to the first person resource, Mr.Safiruddin Al Bqi, there are two types of potential that humans have, namely the potential that can be developed and the potential that cannot be developed.

As wise human beings, we must focus on the things that we can develop. Like life, humans are in two circles, namely a circle that we can control and one that we cannot control. For example, personal opinion is one thing we can control, whereas other people's thoughts are something we have no control over. Of the many potentials possessed by humans, according to Safiruddin, there are 5 human potentials. That is :

1. Physical

Of course we are aware and understand that humans are born with diverse physiques, therefore a person's physique can be potentially developed.

2. Smart Intelligence

Humans have 3 intelligences that complement each other, namely: Intellectual intelligence is related to a person's level of knowledge of a particular thing, for example subjects at school or others. Emotional intelligence is concerned with how a person manages emotions. Spiritual Intelligence which includes a person's relationship with his Lord. Spiritual intelligence is the core of all intelligence, because with high spiritual intelligence, and other intelligences can be controlled properly.

Gather's theory of intelligence states that there are 8 intelligences that humans possess:

A) Spatial Visual (a person's ability to read visual images or objects)

B) Verbal linguistics (language skills)

C) Interpersonal presson with other people)

D) Intrapersonal relationships with oneself 

E) Logicalal pheral (ability to count numbers)

F) The musical (the ability to understand the tone)

G) kinetic- (ability to train the body)

H) Naturalistic people with other living things and the environment)

3. Talented talent

Humans are born with different talents, but these talents will never appear if there is no effort to find them. The case that happened to my lecturer seemed to break the word 'N embedded' which is used in every human being. He has studied English for 3 months every day for 7 hours. And now I managed to make an English tutoring place, although at first he was not very interested in English. He claimed that he had violated the word 'Son'.

However, what is noteworthy of his arrogance about breaking talent, but how hard he tries to achieve it. Of course this applies to everyone. Talent is presented because of the consistency of the effort made and the belief to achieve the goal or talent.

4. Creativity

The creative side is said to emerge when we do things that are interesting and different from others.

5. Personality

Personality is a human tendency to behave in response to their environment.Human behavior is influenced by the need of achieving something. According to Murray, there are 15 needs that affect human personality, including:

1) Achievement (needed to achieve),
2) Respect (the tendency to follow the rules of an admired person),

3) Regularly (the tendency to live in an orderly, neat, and planned way),

4) Exhibition hatey for others to see),

5) Autonomy antonyms to be independent),

6) Affiliation (family to make friends interact socially),

7) Inception (the tendency to understand the feelings of oneself and others),

8) Succinct (needed to be helped or assisted),

9) Dominance (its necessary to dominate),

10) A basement (factory to feel guilty),

11) Nurturance (the desire to care for or help others),

12) Change gears to change),

13) Endurance (Definitely to endure),

14) Heterosexuals tend to interact with people who are attractive (false) to him)

15) Someone to attack or attack others).

Of the many potentials that exist in humans, of course humans have limitations. There will be no human being who has all the intelligence or potential in this world, these potentials come with their respective levels. And what needs to be done is to see the potential with the greatest degree in yourself.
There are several ways you can do to find out your potential, namely:

A) Through psychological tests

Currently, there are many online psychological tests that provide personality-related questions and the results can be seen immediately by the examiners. However, the results received may or may not be accurate. It can also be done by visiting psychology directly, but this course costs money. Psychological tests are carried out to find your potential quickly.

B) Ask Someone Else

This is often done in everyday life, you can ask friends or relatives who often interact with you to assess what they see in you.

C) Self Analysis

The most precise and accurate is to analyze yourself, know yourself. But this is quite a difficult thing to do. To make it easier, love a few things about yourself. Ask what was the best thing you've ever had, how you felt doing it and the results in what areas you find satisfying.

Understanding your potential is very important in today's era, among the benefits you will get are:

1. Knowledge of the appropriate field of work?

2. Can't put the right position

3. It can be a measure of readiness

4. Measuring ability

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