Success Tips : Reset Your Success Right Now!

success tips : reset your success right now!
Success is something that every human on earth really wants, at least that's what we think. But I don't know, because in fact there are still many successful expressions that are just words without content.

Like the clam shells sold in the market, they are beautiful in shape but contain nothing. Success without plans, steps, intentions and determination. As if a testament without any meaningful response from oneself, what for? Turn to the meaning of success in general. Success, in short, we can understand as an achievement that is achieved in accordance with what is expected and becomes the purpose of life.

Often humans interpret success in a narrow sense, only limited to position, wealth, throne, and rank. But success is more than that. success is flexible, conditional, it all depends on each human being and his goals. Some people may think they have been successful when they have earned a bachelor's degree, some may think that a brilliant career is proof of success, but not infrequently there are people who feel successful just by eating a bite of rice today. In the process of achieving success, humans often feel tired, bored, or even hopeless. Not infrequently complaints always accompany every step of success, feeling a very heavy and endless failure.

However, what needs to be understood is that success is always accompanied by failure. When accomplishments feel overwhelming, it could be that your goals are too fixated on general standards. Because success is a position, it is a common human outlook. Yet success is broader than that.

Then try resetting your definition of success. Some time ago, I attended a seminar at the Bogor Ummul Quro Al-Islami Institute. The seminar which was attended by students from various tertiary institutions, with speakers…..with the theme entitled…, sir… revealed several things that can help us achieve success.

1. Allah/God

The first point lies with the creator. Ask yourself what is your goal or definition of success? Direct all success to the creator, reflect on the purpose of human creation on earth. Our purpose was created for worship, so every success must contain worship or be related to worship.

2. Al - Qur'an

Al - Qur'an is the true guide of mankind. In the Qur'an, everything is clearly explained. All things have answers for those who are curious and for those who are willing to reflect.

3. Morals

Morals will be a very big capital of success. Without morals, people who are knowledgeable will be arrogant, without morals, knowledge cannot be used optimally. So without morals, success will feel empty.

4. Azan

The call to prayer which is often echoed by the muezzins to always remember Allah is one of the things that influence success. With the call to prayer, humans will remember that everything belongs to Allah, even every step that is now being taken is with Allah's permission. The call to prayer will bring people to be grateful.

5. Death

Death is the best reminder. When humans start to feel tired, hopeless in the process. So by remembering death without reaching the goal will make us become enthusiastic again, of course we don't want to die without leaving a trace of goodness.

6. Charity Worship

Every good thing done will have a big impact on the success process. We will never know, that maybe the success we have achieved right now is the result of the prayers of the buskers we distribute coins on the streets, or the scavengers we tuck into our lunch boxes.

7. Me

The next key to success is me. That every thing cannot be achieved without my determination, intention, will, and effort. So, don't stop respecting yourself. Minpena herself believes that every success or dream can be achieved easily, as long as we have the belief and strong will to achieve it.

Writer : Minpena
Job : Author in Penadiksi Media Group
Editor : Sibangbara