Know Yourself (Human Essence)

Know Yourself (Human Essence)
God created the universe with the perfection of its contents. Stars, moon, planets, even the contents of these planets such as plants, animals and humans on earth. Humans are creatures
God's most perfect creation. Humans have many features and uniqueness from other creatures.

However, are we really human? Humans in the perspective of the Koran have two synonyms, namely derived from the words insan and basyar. According to the Qur'an, human comes from the word insan (the origin of the word uns') which means tame; funny.

In this sense, the word insan is seen from the human understanding in the spiritual aspect. Then the verses containing the word human refers to the commandment verse for spiritual. While human understanding of the word basyar in the human sense in the biological aspect, or the human process towards maturity.

The world of philosophy outside of Islam also has its own definition of humanity. Some opinions of philosophers. The definition of human according to them is :

1. Socrates mentions that man is an individual.

2. Plato said that humans can never be separated from social life and
politics or…

3. Sastrapratedja mentions that humans are historical or historical beings. as
the meaning of history in Arabic is sajarotun which means tree, humans grow from
shoots up to become a tree, then bears fruit, ages, dies, and grows again.

4. Conte said that to define human beings cannot be seen from the point of view
physics, chemistry and biology alone, because of this he made a proverb "know yourself
is to know history.”.

5. Ernst Cassier revealed that humans cannot be defined by physical properties, because
human traits are in his work.

Humans have 3 behavioral concepts that are differentiators as well as privileges compared
other creatures of Allah. The concept of human behavior consists of:

1. Motives and Physical Needs

It is these physical motives and needs that make humans have animal behavior, such as hunger, sleepiness, lust, and needs such as sleeping, eating, and others.

2. Motives and Needs of the Spirit

The motives and needs of the spirit make humans have malaky or angelic behaviors, such as compassion, patience, and so on.

3. Human Privileges

Humans have many features as the most perfect creatures that are created with a mind and heart, have desires as well as feelings. Human privileges, namely the existence of a soul, sabr (patience), qolb (heart), fuad (conscience), and...

The three interconnected concepts of human behavior above need to be tied to the attitude of tawazzun, namely balance in life. Humans as God's most perfect creatures are created with animal and male behavior, if humans do not have a balanced life then one behavior will dominate them, and this is not a good thing. If humans are dominant with animal behavior, then they will become greedy, arrogant and arrogant.

Meanwhile, malaky behavior will make humans surrender, and not think about the world. Human perfection cannot be separated from material creation. Allah SWT has given an explanation about the creation of humans in the Qur'an, as for the elements of human creation that Allah has mentioned in his book, namely:

- Material elements

This is in accordance with the word of Allah swt Q.S. As-sajdah: 7-8 which means:

“Who beautified everything that He created and Who started the creation of man from the ground (7) Then He made his offspring from the essence of water (semen) that is despicable (8)”

The verse clearly states that humans were created from soil/sperm. The material element is an element of human physical formation. If humans only focus and glorify the elements
problem in him, he is called a lowly person.

- Non-material elements

The verse that explains the formation of humans from non-material elements is contained in Q.S. As - sajdah : 9 and Q.S. Al-qadr: 4)

“Then He perfected it and breathed into it His spirit (creation) and (body). make hearing, sight, and heart for you, (but) very little you are grateful." (Q.S. As-sajdah: 9)

This verse states that humans are made of spirit, it is this spirit that forms humans spiritually.

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