Customer Interest Is Your Interest

 Customer interest

One of the quickest ways to get a company's customers is to ask other people who have experience with the company. However, there is a faster way than that, namely by giving the impression that the interest is the same as the prospective customer.

A. Interest Definition

Simply put, interest is will. Meanwhile, according to experts the meaning of interest is as follows :

1. Interest according to Syaiful Bahri Djamarah

In his book entitled Psikologi Belajar, interest according to Syaiful Bahri Djamarah is an activity that is permanent and carried out to pay attention and remember some activities that are liked either intentionally or not.

2. Interest according to L. Crow & A. Crow

According to L. Crow & A. Crow interest is something that has a relationship with the power of motion that will support a person to be attracted to an object, person or activity. This interest can arise from habits that are often done.

3. Interest according to Shaleh Abdul Rahman

In his book entitled Psikologi Suatu Pengantar dalam Perspektif Islam, Shaleh Abdul Rahman defines interest as a tendency to pay attention to and act towards people, activities or situations that are objects of interest accompanied by feelings of pleasure or joy.

4. Interest According to Witherington

According to Witherington interest is a person's awareness of an object, person, object or certain situation that has something to do with him or is seen as something he is aware of.

5. Interest According to Bimo Walgito

According to Bimo Walgito, interest is a condition where a person has an interest in something and is accompanied by a desire to know and learn or further prove what he can and learns.

6. Interest according to Slameto

According to Slameto interest is a feeling of preference and a sense of attachment to something or activity, without anyone asking.

From the understanding or understanding of the experts above, in general it can be interpreted that interest is an attraction, willingness, feeling of preference and one's attention to something.

B. Main Things and Characteristics of Interest

According to Rast, Harmin and Simon interest has main things, including :

1. There is a feeling of pleasure towards a certain object.

2. There is an interest in certain objects.

3. There is activity against certain objects.

4. Tend to be more active towards certain objects.

From these points, the following characteristics of interest can be identified :

1. Generate a positive impact on a particular object.

2. Certain objects cause feelings of pleasure.

3. Certain objects arouse arousal.

C. Customer Interest Is Your Interest

One of the fastest ways to get customers is to give the impression that you are interested in what they are interested in. Because that way potential customers will feel interested in establishing communication with us.

For example, you have a book product. The best thing you can do is sell books that interest potential customers. Not just selling, without knowing the interests and desires of potential customers. So that's where it's important to create "customer persona" data before choosing and promoting the products we will sell. After you make it, you can be more flexible to promote it to potential customers.

When you already have data in the form of potential customer interests, all you have to do is study those interests. And when communicating convey messages and impressions that inform you that you have the same interests.

With the data you learn from this interest, our conversations with potential customers are not just conversations between sellers and buyers. However, as a friend of one interest. If a close enough relationship has been established, you can easily sell your product to them. Because friends, usually they will be more interested in buying your product even though the price difference can be cheaper at other companies.

For example, person A is friends with person B. Person A owns a clothing business, person B needs clothes and is going to buy them. So what often happens is Person B buys clothes from Person A, even though there is another seller, Person C, who sells the same clothes at a slightly cheaper price. However, person B prefers to buy clothes from person A because there is a friendly relationship. To make friends, you can start by giving the impression of the same interest as other people!

The important thing that we must pay attention to why we must give the impression of the same interest as other people is the fact that an individual will be attracted to other people who are attracted to him first. Individuals who are not interested in other people will usually experience hardships and difficulties in their lives.

As an example that often occurs in the world of romantic love. A man who is attracted to a woman will chase her. It got to the point where the man stopped, and an unfamiliar feeling emerged from a woman who felt sad because she had lost him. A woman is initially not interested in a man, but because of this fact, slowly the woman becomes interested.

The same is true in the world of business and companies. If we give the impression that we are interested in what potential customers are interested in, they will slowly or surely glance at us and become aware of our existence. More and more, slowly but surely a close relationship will be created between us and potential customers. What was just a potential customer, became a buyer and finally subscribed.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to focus too much on themselves or on their own product. This is an obstacle because the process of getting people to be attracted to us will be very difficult if we compare ourselves without being accompanied by paying attention to the hopes, desires and interests of potential customers.

In the book How To Win Friends & Influence People: In The Digital Age by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. explained that instead of busy spending time every day polishing your digital media. Instead spend time connecting with your friends, colleagues and clients. Give and convey a short message of interest and admiration for them. Interact with them, find out the problems they are facing and give them the best solutions. That way, we can establish good communication and will make our lives easier because there are many sincere connections ready to help.

Writer : Penadiksi (Entrepreneur, CEO Penadiksi Media Group)
Editor : Sibangbara