Reflection Between Nostalgia With Nokia

Friends who were born in the 90s are certainly no stranger to the Nokia mobile phone brand, right?
Nokia is a product of Nokia Corporation, a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology and consumer electronics company founded in 1865. Nokia was once the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones.

In its heyday in 2000, during the telecommunications bubble, Nokia accounted for 4% of GDP and 21% of Finland's total exports, as well as 70% of the market capitalization of Helsinki Stock. Since the 1990s, the company has focused on large-scale telecommunications infrastructure, technology development, and licensing.After being tied to Microsoft and then experiencing difficulties in the market, Microsoft finally bought Nokia phones to form Microsoft Mobile in 2014 (Wikipedia)

Until now, Nokia actually still exists, but it's prestige is not as bright as it used to be
In the 21st century, which increasingly binds people to technology, Nokia has been successfully replaced by new brands that have succeeded in releasing products that are more sophisticated and in line with the needs of the times.

This new product no longer uses a hardware keyboard, with the addition of rear and front cameras, as well as a wider and more stable internet network. We can take a recent example from the competitive world of technology. Leading mobile phone brands are competing to make new breakthroughs that can differentiate them from other products. Call it the Samsung mobile phone brand, every year Korean-made products always make new breakthroughs in products.For example, changes in terms of form and performance internally.This is what makes Samsung so popular today. I'm not a tech geek to compare one brand to another, but we can learn a lot.

It's the same with the world of technology, where every brand is always competing to be better to attract fans, life is like that too. Life always puts us in situations where we need to endure and struggle to reach our goals. Life always gives us the opportunity to learn and develop from many events. Both problems that are currently happening and problems that will come, even God gives us the opportunity to learn from past mistakes even though those times cannot be repeated.What can we learn from the Nokia brand? The brand was very well known, very developed and even managed to bring big profits to the Finnish country at that time. But over time Nokia's prestige has faded, what really happened?One mistake that Nokia made was that it was too engrossed in its comfort zone.

In the midst of today's competition in technology and the international market, Nokia feels that it already has a lot of fans, without any competitors that could appear at any time. Nokia continues to stick with flagship products and forget about the times. This world has a lot of intelligent people and those people are those who are currently competing with other successful people.

Intelligent people will not be jealous of other people's achievements, they will look like or even better than that person. Comfort zones will only bring comfort, not change, not progress, or the goal we want.Today humans are vying to be the smartest, richest, most successful and our fool is that we are still sitting and watching them.

Life always provides opportunities, everyone gets the same opportunities, of course in different ways.However, few of us dare take it.Tickets are always open, but people without courage always get a reason to stop in the zone they think are safe and comfortable.Whereas humans never know what will happen tomorrow, even the second.

There is a popular saying that effort never pay off. That's not entirely true, my friend, but combine it with Bung Karno's saying that we must dream as high as the sky, even if we fall, we will fall among the stars. This may be the result of effort, we will never feel disappointed because we have tried. Because the true essence of success is when we can fight for our dream.

Author : Pena Malam
Job : Motivational Writer
Editor : Sibangbara