Steps To Preparing And Determining Online A Business World

Steps to preparing online business

To prepare and determine the online business to be built, it seems that many people will feel confused. What things need to be prepared and determine which online business to build.In this paper, the author will describe the initial steps in preparing and determining an online business.Things that need to be prepared include:

1. Hardware

Online business is built in a system contained in a hardware (family). So, the first step to setting up an online business is to have the hardware? To minimize capital, this hardware can be owned or purchased on stages.However, the most important thing that an online businessman must have is a smartphone and an internet network. If the business is growing, business people can start buying computers or laptops so that their activities in running a business can be more effective. Other hardwares needed to run an online business such as printers, cameras, flash disks and webcams.

2. Software

The existence of hardware cannot be separated from software (software). Because without software a hardware device will not function and be useful as it should be. So this software is needed to support online businesses and run them optimally and optimally. Examples of software such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and others.

3. Career (On Device)

After we have the hardware and software, the next thing we need to have is the operator (live device). An operator must have the ability to operate both devices, so that the performance and online business trips that are built can be remembered.In order to save more on capital costs, the first step that can be taken is with us as business owners who become operators of our own business, so there is no need to incur additional costs to pay for other operators.

4. Creating a website

Website is a collection of web pages that can be accessed using the internet. It contains information, weather in the form of text, images, videos and so on.To prepare for an online business, it is very important for a business person to have a website. It serves as a place or container that contains all the business information we offer.An internet user will easily see the information and potentially be interested in what we have to offer. To create a website is very easy, you can pay by buying a domain or it can be free but include the name of the service provider. One example to create a free website can be made by making it on a blog.Come.

5. Creating Content

After we have a website, the next step is to create content. Content according to the present, it is information available through media or electronic products. Through this content we can explain the business we offer. If we are an online bookstore business, then the content creator must be in accordance with book enthusiasts. It can be in the form of content about tips on buying books online, caring for books and so on.

After we have prepared the five things above, then we just have to determine what online business we will build or do. In determining the online business to be built, we must look within ourselves. It would be better if the business we do is in accordance with the hobbies and abilities we have. This is so that the business runs smoothly and does not cause a feeling of laziness, because a sense of laziness can arise when the things you do are not in accordance with what you like. If we like sports then do business with something related to sports, if we like writing or reading then we can do business online bookstores, and so on.

When we are adults, we determine the online business that we will build and work on. Then the next step is to run an online business and do promotions.

Terms in Online Business:

E- Commerce : It stands for electronic commerce, which is a trading system for buying and selling through electronic media. These trade transactions can be accessed via the internet, television, and other computer networks.

Merchan t: It is a company, trader or service provider in the internet world.

Affiliate : It is a program in which a merchant gives a commission to the owner of a web or site that can attract internet users to buy their products or use their services.

Commission : It is a reward given by a person to another person, because he is able or able to carry out the tasks or work that has been given.

View Page : It is an estimate of internet users who visit our website pages.

URL : It stands for Uniform Resource using a series of characters as arranged as the address or location of our website.

Site : It is a program with html format that exists in the internet world.

Link : This text can link a page with other pages on the internet.

TAC : Stands for terms and conditions, which are the rules set by a website or a merchant that binds its users.

Account : Is data or the identity of internet users that are virtual in cyberspace?

Visitor : It is the total number of internet users who visit a website or blog within a certain time.

Unique Visitor : Is an internet user who visits a website or sites several times.For example, there is an internet user who accesses a site 10 times a week, then he is considered a unique visitor.If you only visit once, then you are considered a regular visitor.

PPC : stands for Pay Per Click, which is a system of giving commission to advertisers or web owners, because there are clicks on ads posted on their websites.

Comment : It is a feature that provides facilities for internet users to comment or provide feedback on the pages of a website.

Feed : It is a feature that provides updated content from their favorite websites or sites.

FTP : stands for file transfer protocol, which is software that functions to transfer data from a computer to a server.

Niche : It is a particular topic or subject in the world of the internet or website. For example, a website is considered to have an educational niche, if the content on the website is inseparable from educational content.

Page Rank : It is a metric used by Google to assess the level of trust internet users have on a website.A website that has a high page rank means that the uploaded content has the potential to occupy the first page of the Google search engine.

PHP : It stands for programming Hypertext processor, which is a programming language designed to create dynamic pages on a website.

RSS : Stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a format that serves to send the latest content from a site.

Tag : It is a feature used to classify a content.

XML : It stands for Extenible Markup Language, which is a markup language created by the World Wide Uni consortium.

SERP : Is an abbreviation of search engine result page, namely search results according to the keywords typed in the google search engine.

Banner : It is a feature that serves to block or close access to someone or several people so they can't access the sites that we have.Inner:It is a virtual banner that appears on a web.

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